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Album Notes

 "Andy Robbins delivers something in his debut-album, Daybreak, that the contemporary Christian and worship music genres need more of, which is strong scripturally-based lyrics combined with catchy, memorable hooks. Guitar-driven and edgy at times in driving songs like Search Me O God, Rejoice, and Hem of Your Garment, Robbins isn't afraid to push the limits a little of what would be considered "praise" music. Millennials will appreciate the edgier side of this album. Yet this collection of praise and worship songs will also appeal to listeners of a broad age range, as half the album is very reflective and contemplative. Songs like Your Grace, O God You Are My God, and Alabaster Jar are moving emotion-stirring anthems that are perfect for congregational singing or private times of prayer and worship. Robbins' robust voice is both tender and tough at different times, reflecting well the range of emotion necessary for an endeavor like Daybreak. This collection of songs displays Robbins' ability to take scriptural concepts and Biblical passages and put them to music that is both memorable and meaningful."  

-Eddie Prather, Producer/Engineer, Minor Prophet Studios

Download a PDF of the lyrics to all 12 songs on the Daybreak album.