Worship 101, A Handbook for Discovering the Biblical Model for Worshipping God and Serving in Worship Ministry

Worship 101 is a guidebook for understanding Biblical worship and how to manage the affairs of a church worship ministry according to a Biblical model. Section 1 provides an extended disucssion on understanding Biblical worship, while section 2 provides practical instructions to worship team members. Section 3 provides guidance to team leaders. M. Morrison, a worship leader in Indianapolis says of the book, “”Worship 101 reminded me of some of my favorite A.W. Tozer sermons. Thanks for taking the time to capture so well the things I have prayed and fasted for and travailed over.” Worship pastor and Vineyard recording artist Matt Haupt says, “I think Andrew is really on to something. I believe his book is a must-read for all in worship ministry and those wishing to deepen their understanding and experience of worship.”


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