Tithing in the New Testament Age: Is It Biblical?

Tithing-Cover_300x450Perfect Bound Softcover version and reading the book overview.

Perfect Bound Softcover

Andrew’s new book, Tithing in the New Testament Age: Is It Biblical?, is now available.

The practice of giving the first ten percent of one’s income to a church or ministry has become a topic of debate in recent years. Having been widely accepted for generations, tithing has now come under fire by a growing segment of today’s Church who insist that tithing passed away with the Old Testament Law. This treatise by Andrew G. Robbins examines both sides of the subject and seeks to bring a truly Biblical perspective for those who may still be confused about whether or not God wants them to tithe. Pastor Robbins also reaches across the aisle to those who oppose the concept of New Testament tithing with a respectful, yet powerful defense of the timeless principle of worshiping God with the tithe. One of the best-selling modern books defending the concept of New Testament tithing, entitled, The Blessed Life, was written by well-known pastor, Robert Morris, and Pastor Robbins takes Pastor Morris’ excellent work a step further by offering readers point-by-point Biblically-based counter arguments for the most common objections to tithing, as well as Pastor Robbins’ own dramatic testimony about the benefits of tithing.