The Life God Honors

$14.99, paperback, 9781619965379

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Many Western Christians get sucked into the crippling thinking that a life which God will honor means going through the motions of religious observation without any real attention to the process of character transformation as we follow the example of Christ.

Still others, especially those in the charismatic circles to whom most of this book will address – the same circles in which Pastor Andy has spent most of his Christian life – seem to believe that a truly spiritual life is one that is marked by ecstatic emotional experiences with only a secondary focus on the daily task of building one’s faith and character down in the trenches of day-to-day living where emotional highs are often absent.

A discussion on the importance of understanding God’s work in the day-to-day might not seem like material noteworthy enough to write a book about.  Yet, you might be surprised how much emphasis God puts on it and how many Christians are frustrated in their spiritual walks because they fail to recognize how God works in the everyday events of their common day.